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A little more

So, we had a second ultrasound yesterday. The peanut’s heart rate was 160 bpm.  I officially graduated from the fertility clinic, with no fanfare whatsoever.  But I’ll go back and visit some afternoon in 6 months or so, maybe. The doctor said that we now have a 90 percent chance of a live birth. J […]

symptoms during the 2-week wait

Because I might end up forgetting and wondering later, I figured I’d write down my initial symptoms after the embryo transfer (on May 3rd). Those of us who have struggled with infertility and the various treatments know how much we agonize over the waiting period between insemination/embryo transfer and The Pregnancy Test. Anyway, so. Immediately […]

A little bit pregnant. And a little bit Wiccan.

So, Because my other half and I have had some fertility issues in the past, we aren’t telling most people (who we know, anyway) that I’m pregnant. I was pregnant once before, but that ended early in a miscarriage. ANYWAY.  So we’ve been through all sorts of fertility treatments, and it’s been a few years. We’re […]

Two embryos enter, one embryo remains…