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Night weaning

  More on night weaning:   Of course, it helps that my daughter is now 2 years old (and 4 months) and can actually understand some reason. She’s a big talker. So one of the things I accidentally did right, early on, was getting into the habit of only breastfeeding in one spot. Just one. The […]

dictating while breastfeeding

Speaking this instead of typing this. Very fast typist, but I am only on my at I am breastfeeding. Much as I would like to type this, its just too time consuming to start up my computer. So I do all of my blogging facebooking and email with patients. Just for fun going to correct […]

I have no memory of the first 5 weeks

It’s now been 9 1/2 weeks (cue cheesy 80s movie) since L’s birth, and she’s now been sleeping 6-8 hours per night for a week, more or less, minus a couple of times when she didn’t feel good. Anyway.  So I don’t really remember much about the first month. I guess that’s typical… the sleep […]