Well, what an amazing human. First off, we all still sleep together and I love it. She is next to me right now. Second, she is so interesting. She is very skinny, so she is extremely agile. I don’t remember her crawling for more v than a week. Nowadays, she runs, jumps, dances, somersaults, you […]

She’s cute. Definitely. Her first words and sounds seem to be: 1) DA. and DA-DA. No sign yet of “Ma” or “Mommy.” Fine. I only give you my body, but whatever. 2) Uh-oh (which I totally taught her) and sometimes sounds like “uh-OOH” and “Oooh-ooh.” 3) Wow (ditto), which also sounds like “woo” or “woo-ow” […]

I have shingles. AND I’m breastfeeding. This is so incredibly sexy. Imagine a scary, scabby rash, wrapping around your rib cage like a dragon’s scaly tail, while the dragon breastfeeds. Or… er.. something. They don’t breastfeed, though, do they? Well, on Game of Thrones they might. Anyway, the drugs are great! Wish you were here!

Seriously, I never have time to write in this blog. I want to, believe me. But it seems I’m either working, or mommying, or sleeping. Oh, OR BEING SICK. I have lost count of the number of viruses that we have had since August. I don’t know WHAT is going on with it all… but […]

So, she’s a cute kid. We were at a funeral on Friday, and we brought her. Luckily, someone at the church found us a daycare room where they were broadcasting the service (closed-circuit), so we were able to relax and let L play. She stood up and started walking behind a toy truck. IWe don’t […]

  Another disadvantage to breastfeeding on-demand (which means basically all night right now, until L gets over her … what, teething? separation anxiety? milestones? all of the above?) …  is that I now have thrush again. YAY!!!   My tits are stained purple. It’s damned sexy. Envy me.

  so, the disadvantage/advantage of having a small kid (or skinny, anyway) is that she started sitting up ages and ages ago, and pulled herself up to standing at about 7 months, maybe earlier (i wrote it down somewhere). Now, a week or so away from 8 months, she’s about to walk. She’s been standing […]