writing into the future/ gymnastics for a three-year old?

Truth is, I don’t write much here on the blog because I’d rather write email to my daughter, even though she can’t read yet. We created an email account for her, and I just send thoughts to that address sometimes, so that one day she’ll have 20 years worth of email from me. I’m not sure if that’s cool or not. 🙂

She’s a cool person. We were lucky, I guess. I am glad she doesn’t have my genetics (yay, egg donation). It sounds like I’m being hard on myself, but the truth is, I’m glad she didn’t have the risk of my family’s craziness. And she’s got this amazing physical strength and agility, and kindness! I don’t know how much was nature and how much was nurture. But she’s just so sweet. (Unless she’s hungry and tired, in which case, she can either be super annoyed or weepy or cranky or spoiled.)

She’s already good at gymnastics. At age 3!?  Not that I would have known. We enrolled her for fun, because she was always  tumbling all over the place (on purpose), and next thing we know, the teacher is saying “She should be in the competitive class. She’s got natural talent.” Huh? So that was weird. But yeah, she’s naturally got good balance and strength and follows directions well. I can’t be proud of that — she just ended up that way, ya know?

It’s a gorgeous summer day. I took the day off work. I’m going to go pick up the amazing girl in about an hour for the “competitive gymnastics class.” 🙂 She loves it. (It’s not actually competitive; it’s just a lot more demanding and fun.)


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  1. I think it’s pretty cool! Maybe I should do that for my boys…

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