Monthly Archives: July 2012

Dear PMS

  Dear PMS, I haven’t missed you. Please stop stalking me and making my life (and my dear husband’s) miserable.  Every time you piss me off, I will take herbs. I will drink so much goddamned herbal tea that you won’t even recognize my (poullted, decrepit, incompetent) ThunderWomb ™.  I’ll take your “bloating and irritability” […]

What to do next….

So now we’re trying to decide when we should try for the last IVF attempt. (In our state, we get three tries that are paid for by insurance.)  I don’t expect it to work, but figure we might as well give it a try since it’s paid for. Here’s the thing: I have to get […]

Results and thoughts

So, here’s the scoop.I had first trimester blood work and MaterniT21 bloodowork taken on June 28th, Wednesday. I had a third ultrasound on around June 30th, because there was a concern that the embryo was too small. At that point, embryo should have been 10 1/2 weeks along, but the ultrasound that day confirmed there […]

thunderstorms are funny?

  So, two nights ago, there was another thunderstorm. It was bad enough that it woke me up — a little. It woke me up just enough that it sent me into a momentary panic. I apparently have associated thunderstorms with miscarriage. In my sleepy haze, I actually was convinced the storm was going to […]

starting over

We have one more IVF cycle paid for by insurance. That will probably start in a month or so. First, I have to let my body heal a little bit.  (Read: Get all my drinking in this weekend and pretend it never happened.)   My acupuncturist gave me some little tiny bullet-like pills to take to […]

lesson in gratitude

I wrote a little narrative about the whole event for my online support group… ********** Just got electricity back after 48 hours without it. At least it wasn’t out for a full week like we’d expected. WARNING: Lots of TMI below.  It’s about a miscarriage, so be forwarned. My next death metal band is going […]